Top 5 holiday cookies

  1. Snowball cookies — These beautiful blobs of powdered sugar and pecans provide a perfect blend of sweet, savory and succulent. I go nuts every time that floury goodness appears on a dessert buffet. Don’t let this hot take melt your expectations, but the snowball is a force to be reckoned with. Throw one in your face and enjoy its crumbly deliciousness.
  2. Peanut butter blossoms — As a big cookie fan and an even bigger peanut butter fanatic, I’m a firm believer in their combination. Though not solely a winter delicacy, these pieces of nutty delight are especially scrumptious alongside seasonal hot chocolate and even eggnog. Plop Hershey’s Kisses on top for a mesmerizing mix that will be sure to put your taste buds in full bloom. 
  3. Thumbprint cookies — The only thing better than a cookie around the holidays is one filled with jam. Apricot, cranberry, even peanut butter and jelly — pair your favorite spread with shortbread to try a fully customized cookie eating experience. When it comes to festive confections, these pastries get two thumbs up. 
  4. Gingerbread cookies — What’s more rewarding than building an edible masterpiece? Spice up your holiday cooking by designing structures of dewdrops and icing, complete with gingerbread people. These tasty creations allow you to have your bake and eat it too. 
  5. Sugar cookies — Considering all cookies are made from sugar, this element might not seem to bring much to the sweets table. But sometimes simplicity is key — especially around hectic holidays. The natural elegance of this cookie classic lets you beautify if inspired and forgo decoration when feeling lazy. Whether they feature assorted shapes, are plain or covered in frosting, these goodies are delectable regardless.