Top 5: Uplifting movies to watch in isolation

Whether you’re in need of some well-deserved laughter or just want to find something to do with yourself while social distancing, these five movies definitely need to be on your watch list – even if you have seen them ten million times before.

5. “Knives Out With a star-studded cast and a plot chock full of twists, this murder mystery meets comedy will have you cracking up from beginning to end. The witty story details a detective’s investigation of an eccentric author’s equally eccentric family, and since laughter is often the best medicine, it also provides a frighteningly good way to spend a day inside.

4. “The Princess Bride As an unending source of memes and a go-to quotable movie, this film allows us to escape into a somewhat-twisted fantasy world despite being stuck at home. Even if you could recite jokes in your sleep, it’s inconceivable that this movie would be absent from your watch list.

3. “Rocketman Sometimes a good sing-along is all you really need. This musical retelling of Sir Elton John’s rise to stardom and struggles with addiction provides a wonderfully inspirational story to remind us all that troubles never last, as well as some excellent tracks to karaoke your way through the day.

2. “Ghostbusters Although most of us don’t have a ghost problem, there are very few other movies that we can call for a good time quite like “Ghostbusters.” From the cheesy special effects to the iconic jokes, this tale about the ragtag team of ghost fighters is a great way to laugh your troubles away. Just don’t forget the marshmallows!

1. “The Breakfast Club Hailed by many as a defining teen drama, “The Breakfast Club” is the ideal title for a good laugh, or even a good cry. Whether you’re an athlete, a criminal, a princess, a nerd or a basket case, this classic nostalgic movie about a group of total strangers forced to become friends in detention is a perfect addition to your watch list.