Top 5 fall activities to do in Kirksville

  1. Dinner and a movie: If you’re anything like me, you have seen “Top Gun: Maverick” at least three times this past summer. If that is the case, I have great news! Kirksville has a nice and inexpensive movie theater so you can continue to marvel at Miles Teller or any other dreamy actor of your choice. Grabbing a bite to eat across the street at Maxwell’s and seeing a movie after is a great way to destress after classes. 


  1. Red Barn: ‘Tis the season of Red Barn! Kirksville Arts Association is bringing this popular art festival back on September 24 and it’s a cathartic experience. Not only do you get to see beautiful pieces of art that people have spent years making, but you and your friends can walk around and get snacks and listen to live music too. Nearly all of the artwork is for sale and it is a wonderful opportunity to see the talent of those in the Kirksville community. 


  1. Farmer’s market: The Kirksville farmer’s market is one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. Being from the Chicago area, I’m used to mass produced, impersonal items, but it’s quite the opposite at the Kirksville farmer’s market. These vendors take years perfecting the things they sell and love explaining the process. I have had multiple long conversations with some vendors about how they grew their fruits and vegetables. They are located in The Square until October and it’s a different experience each time you go. 


  1. Leisure World: Looking to show off your professional league bowling skills? Then Leisure World is the spot for you! One of their main attractions is their 20 lane bowling alley, but there is also an arcade, a bar — if you’re of age, of course — pool tables, and a skating rink. The prices are right and it’s a fun way to spend your weekend to take your mind off of school for a bit. 


  1. Thrifting in K Vegas: Not everyone thinks Kirksville is much of a booming metropolis, but there are many hidden treasures if you take the time to find them, including at the store Hidden Treasures. There are also a couple of antique stores in The Square that have everything from classic books to old cast iron skillets. One of the best ways to kill time is to go thrifting at Salvation Army and The Crossing Thrift Store. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, looking at  items for sale can be an enjoyable activity as you learn a little bit about the people of Kirksville.