Top 5: Ways to survive finals week

We’re almost done with the semester, Bulldogs! It’s crazy how fast time flew by this year, and just like last semester, finals are quickly approaching. Surviving finals week is much easier said than done, but here are some basic things you can do to keep yourself sane before summer:

5. Write out your schedule: Writing out the due dates for big assignments as well as the dates of your finals can be helpful when managing your time. There’s nothing worse than forgetting about an important assignment and pulling an all-nighter to get it done. I have about five different calendars running at one time, but at least it keeps me in check. 

4. Take breaks: It’s important to make sure you’re taking time for yourself in between study sessions. On days when it’s not snowing in the middle of April, I like to take a short run — let’s be real — a short walk, to de-stress. It’s easy to run out of steam, so picking up a book or taking a short nap could be a good way to unwind throughout the week.

3. Study in groups: Finding a friend or two from each class you’re in can help keep you motivated. As long as you can stay socially distanced go ahead and grab some Starbucks, find a good study space and cram away. Pro tip: eating well and exercising are very effective for motivation as well. 

2. Get adequate sleep: Pulling all-nighters is not ideal when you have 10 assignments due in the same week. Try to establish a good sleep schedule a week or two before finals week. It will help prevent you from feeling burnt out and give you more energy each day. Personally, I try to be in bed by 11, “accidentally” watch one or two episodes of Gilmore Girls and then hit the hay.

1. Make exciting plans: It’s much easier to hit dozens of deadlines when you have something to look forward to. Plan something fun for you and a friend to do right after the semester ends to help you push through these final few weeks. It might feel like the sky is falling right now, but don’t give up! There’s a lot to look forward to and making intentional plans will help finish this year strong.