Presidential search consulting agency to visit campus

In a campus-wide email sent Aug. 22, Cheryl Cozette, Board of Governors secretary, announced a visit by the recently hired presidential search consultants to engage with campus community members and the Truman State University Presidential Search Committee. The email was sent on behalf of the Board.

According to the email, unforeseen circumstances have forced the Search Committee to hire R. William Funk & Associates in lieu of having Academic Search conduct the presidential search.

The visit, which will take place Aug. 30-31, has three primary objectives, according to Cozette’s email. The visit will ensure RWFA understands the Truman community and its needs so it can recruit presidential candidates who will serve the community well. Next, the visit serves as an opportunity for campus community members to express their needs, as the search will become more confidential as time goes on. Lastly, the visit will provide an opportunity for the Search Committee and RWFA to create a profile of the search, complete with desired characteristics and community needs.

The visit, according to the email, will allow RWFA to pose three main questions to Truman community. First, they will ask what major challenges and opportunities the next University president might face. Second, they will ask what kind of person might be best equipped to address the aforementioned challenges while leveraging all opportunities. Third, RWFA will ask for compelling reasons why potential candidates should explore their options at Truman, as many candidates will not be seeking a job change and may be reluctant to accept.

The itinerary for the visit will be located on the Search Committee’s website.

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