Ana’s Family Restaurant closes without warning

The owners of Ana’s Family Restaurant have left town and closed their business for good without warning. Earlier in the week residents say they saw moving trucks. Today all that is left is an empty restaurant and a ‘For Lease’ sign.

Ana’s Family Restaurant was located on the corner of East Normal Street and South Baltimore. The restaurant, which served paninis and Italian dishes, was open for about six months. They were the first business to occupy the building since Kentucky Fried Chicken Closed in 2012.

Kirksville resident Sherry Johnson says she saw moving trucks at the location earlier in the week.

“I seen a [truck] back up and they were unloading equipment,” Johnson says. “Then I heard it on the street after the fact.”

While Johnson says she was surprised the business closed so quickly, other residents say it did not come as a shock because the food market in Kirksville is more competitive than restaurant owners realize.

Some residents say they would not mind seeing Kentucky Fried Chicken or Fazoli’s come back to Kirksville and use the now vacant property.

For those interested in renting or leasing the property, you can contact Century 21 for more information.