Multiple burglaries reported in Adair County since May

Multiple burglaries were reported in Adair county and surrounding countries between May and the middle of August.

Numerous burglaries recently left some residents of Adair and surrounding counties missing large amounts of property.

The Adair County Sheriff’s Office had three days available for residents to view recovered property and claim their items.

Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick says between May 1 and the middle of August, 15 to 20 burglaries took place in Adair, Schuyler, Knox, Macon and Sullivan counties. Hardwick says the burglaries appeared to be opportunity based and were not premeditated targets. He says law enforcement from the counties worked together to locate the stolen property and the suspects.

Hardwick says the investigation is currently ongoing, and at this time, three people have been arrested. Hardwick says the three were connected to numerous burglaries, and law enforcement was able to piece their connection together through evidence, including where stolen items were found. He says two of the arrestees are from Adair County, and one is from Knox County.

Hardwick says burglars often see an opportunity and take it, meaning burglaries can occur at any time. Hardwick says he recommends marking valuables in some way as proof of ownership. He says taking photographs and making lists can also be helpful. Hardwick says locking valuables in safes and installing alarms and cameras are further preventative actions. Hardwick says simple things like having lights and locking doors can also serve as preventative measures. He says residents are urged to report any suspicious activity they witness.

According to a news release from the Adair County Sheriff’s Office, residents who reported being burglarized could view recovered property that was believed to be from the recent burglaries. Residents of Adair County were able to view the property Aug. 30 and 31 while residents from surrounding counties could view the property Sept. 1, according to the news release. To view the property, residents had to first report the burglary to their respective law enforcement, according to the release. Members of all law enforcement agencies involved in the investigations were present during these viewing times, according to the release.

Citizens who had property stolen were able to survey a plethora of items retrieved by Kirksville Police Department.
Citizens who had property stolen were able to survey a plethora of items retrieved and held by The Adair County Sheriff’s Office.

Kirksville detective Steve Feeney says the Kirksville Police Department received a call about a stolen vehicle. Feeney says once the vehicle was recovered, stolen tools were found in the back. Feeney says the Kirksville Police Department shared their findings with the sheriff’s department, which allowed for a search warrant. He says the Kirksville police assisted the sheriff’s office with the warrant to help recover items from numerous burglaries.

Feeney says at this time, there are still several suspects under investigation for burglaries in various areas.

This story appeared in the September 8 issue of The Truman Index.


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