“The Passage” tells a story of cultural acceptance in America today

November 15, 2018

Without giving too much away, “The Passage” centers around a clumsy, disoriented, burrito-loving man named Phil, played by Philip Burgers, who doesn’t utter a word the entire film. On the run from two plump pursuers, Phil stumbles across a variety of multicultural situations — from a Spanish church service to a Haitian family household — and forges connections despite his, and viewers’, utter confusion. No explanations, subtitles or compromises. All immersive, humane, surreal entertainment that viewers will either enjoy or completely detest. […]


2018’s “The Predator” lacks in character development, but exceeds in bloody carnage and explosive action scenes

September 23, 2018

Director Shane Black’s “The Predator” is a wildly inconsistent film that entertains despite bland characters, hit-or-miss humor and generic plotting. While losing the balls-to-the-wall spark that made the 1987 original compelling, the film’s bloody carnage and self-awareness make it perfectly watchable, if not particularly noteworthy. […]