Truman alumna Renee Eveland speaks on social and political issues

November 29, 2018

Renee Eveland, lawyer and Truman State University alumna, decided that current events should be a key topic for the two presentations she will give as this semester’s English and Linguistics Senior Seminar keynote speaker. She said this fall has been such a historic moment for the United States with the Kavanaugh hearings and the midterms. She thought if she were a senior in college, she would want to discuss the cultural, social and political issues happening right now in the country. […]


The New Age of Emo: Mom Jeans, Just Friends, and Unity in the Scene

November 29, 2018

Mom Jeans and Just Friends have quickly leapt to legendary status in the emo scene this year with their canon-worthy albums, titled Puppy Love and Nothing But Love, respectively. The titles of these albums really capture the overall philosophy of these bands — in a time of extremity and polarization, they seek to spread love, build positive connections, and support and uplift their fellow musicians, especially those whose music and contributions are more likely to be drowned out by the voices of a sea of angsty straight white dudes. […]


Truman students take second in hackathon

November 26, 2018

After three and a half years of working together, a trio of friends finally made their way to the stage to take their second place awards in the 2018 TigerHacks hackathon. With every trial, junior computer science majors Tyler Acosta, Katherine Durant and Jeremie Amano’s skills and bond only grew stronger as they attended hackathons every semester. […]


StuGov Buzz: Staff working to better food quality

November 25, 2018

Everyone knows about Sodexo. Similarly, everyone has an opinion, generally negative, about Sodexo and the food it provides for us students. It is true that the food is not the best, but Justin Dreslinski, General Manager for Sodexo, and others are diligently working to make the food more nutritious, locally sourced, and offer more options (like vegetarian or gluten-free). […]


Truman welcomes film festival

November 22, 2018

For the first time ever, Truman State University will be hosting a film festival. This was made possible by the students in Truman Short Film Fest, a class created by Jocelyn Cullity, English professor and film studies minor committee chair.  

Cullity created this class to teach students how to establish and run a film festival. With 20 students, they have spent the semester laying the groundwork, including event-planning, promotional work and crowdfunding. […]


Bulldogs win first three games

November 21, 2018

Truman State University women’s basketball team started the 2018-2019 campaign with two victories in the GMAC/GLVC Conference Challenge in Nashville, Tennessee. […]


Truman professor documents life with wearable camera

November 18, 2018

Psychology professor Mark Hatala has been using a wearable camera to document his life since May 2014. The camera he wears, and sometimes sets on a shelf or other surface, takes a photo every 30 seconds.

Hatala said the venture is part of a research movement called the “Quantified Self,” in which a person uses technology like a camera or a Fitbit to measure various aspects of their life, like how often they eat a certain food. If he wanted to, Hatala said, he could see every meal he has had in the past four years. […]


SEM Works reveals audit findings to Truman

November 18, 2018

After spending $154,000 on a strategic enrollment management group, Truman State University will be moving forward and focusing on four problem areas that might be affecting enrollment.

The University hosted a meeting Nov. 8 where SEM Works President and CEO Jim Black and enrollment consultant Kathi Baucom presented their preliminary findings. […]


Truman needs to differentiate B.S. and B.A.

November 17, 2018

No one at The Index was quite sure what to make of the news that a Bachelor of Science degree had been created for the philosophy and religion major. When deciding on a degree, the vast majority of students at any university are given a choice between two options: a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. At Truman State University, the options exist in many majors with little distinction between the degrees. […]