At Home & Abroad

The Kindness of a Stranger

April 20, 2016

Becoming lost is stressful enough, but becoming lost in a country where you cannot understand a single word and no one seems to speak your native tongue brings “stress” to a whole new level. About […]

At Home & Abroad

Sports: The Austrian Way

March 14, 2016

Growing up, I had always played sports, whether it be diving for the community swim and dive team, shooting baskets or hitting balls for my local school district’s athletic association. I found a love for […]

At Home & Abroad

Picky Eating and a Language Barrier

February 8, 2016

Upon arriving in Graz, I was beyond hungry. Fifteen hours of hunger mixed with airplane “food” left me in dire need of an appetizing meal. After settling in at my flat, I decided to go […]