Study Abroad Bloggers: Profiles

This semester’s study abroad bloggers are Kelly Moroney and Jessica Hack. They will be reporting back to the Truman Media Network about their experiences in France and Austria. Read their bios and stay tuned for their upcoming posts from abroad.


Name: Kelly MoroneyKelly Profile Photo

Grade: Junior

Location: Angers, France

University: Université Catholique de l’Ouest

Study Abroad Length: Jan. 11 – May 19

Reason for choosing country:

I have always had an adoration for the French language and culture. It has been my dream to go to France since I started studying French in seventh grade. Because this is my ninth year studying French and I had room in my four year plan, it finally seemed like the right time to go.

Most nervous about:

I’m most nervous about adjusting to a new way of life and fitting into a culture completely different from my own.

Most excited for:

I am most excited for seeing new parts of the world and new cultures. I’m also excited to gain a better understanding of the world because of my travels.

Hope to learn:

I hope to become fluent in speaking and writing in French by the end of my stay here.



Name: Jessica HackJessica Hack (1)

Grade: Junior

Location: Graz, Austria

University: Technische Universität Graz (Graz University of Technology)

Study Abroad Length: Feb. 2 – July 1

Reason for choosing country:

I initially chose Austria for the school. TU Graz offers courses in English for my computer science major, which was exactly what I was looking for. As I researched the country, I realized it was the perfect place for me. It offers a welcoming environment, safe public transportation and a great education.

Most nervous about:

I am most anxious about going to a country where the native language is one which I have never studied before. Even more so, I’m especially paranoid that I potentially won’t be able to effectively communicate with the other students with whom I will be living due to a language barrier. In a way, I guess it makes for the ultimate learning process.

Most looking forward to:

I am most looking forward to two things: my courses and my travels.

As a computer science major, it is not common for one to study abroad, so I am definitely looking forward to experiencing a new style of learning as well as experiencing new ways to approach computer science.

I am also looking forward to taking advantage of our near three-week spring break, traveling to places such as Amsterdam, Prague and Dublin. I anticipate traveling throughout Austria as well, experiencing both the big cities and the small villages.

Hope to learn:

I hope to become somewhat understandable in the German language. More importantly, I hope to learn about the beauty of the Austrian culture and be able to come home and share it with my family and friends.