The Latest Detours Issue: Intro from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Our grandest visions of ideal travels often carry us as far away as possible, far from the familiarity of our backyard. I recently realized a few of those dreams during my time abroad in Angers, France. I spent six months bringing to life long-awaited travel dreams. For six months, I brought my greatest travel dreams to life .

One could naturally assume that when I returned stateside, all potential for travel and adventure disappeared. But the best travel destinations are often right under our noses in the Midwest, and we don’t have to “hop across the pond” or go nine time zones beyond our homes to truly explore.

You can step back in time with one of the oldest prisons in the United States at the Missouri State Penitentiary, and taste high-quality wine that serves a greater purpose in the vineyards of Ladoga Winery. You can experience international cuisine from the Philippines with a personal spin from an award-winning chef. And when your day to comes to a close, break out of your normal lodging routine with the local homes offered through Airbnb.

There are even destinations you can only experience in the Midwest, from the winding rivers flowing into the Lake of the Ozarks to the groundbreaking architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright that still continues to inspire beauty today. And nothing can beat the Midwestern love for kitschy attractions. The best part of travel is often the unexpected, and as novice and expert travelers alike, we can acknowledge the potential for an amazing adventure. I hope this issue of Detours encourages you to do some exploring, in your own backyard and beyond.

Near and far, embrace life’s detours,

Mary Tomlinson